Dear Shareholders,

For more than a year and a half now, and like most companies and economic players, we have been facing the effects of a health crisis that is still affecting the full recovery of our activities.

As an IT company, we continue to suffer from shortages and delays in the delivery of components and raw materials needed to manufacture our products. Transportation difficulties sometimes affect our supplies, as well as cost increases.

In this particular context, we are continuing our efforts and have started to implement a new business model in 2019 with a development strategy that now goes beyond the manufacture and marketing of hardware solutions.

Thus, even if we are still mainly a designer and manufacturer of point-of-sale hardware (POS & KIOSK), we have taken a new direction at this time, with the creation of an Innovation Division responsible for anticipating the IT evolution or transformation projects of our customers and retailers, particularly in terms of projects based on RFID technology.

Early 2021, we finalised a major external growth operation, in order to be able to propose ETK (Easy to Konnect), our new “Middleware” offer, which now complements our historical expertise as a “Hardware Manufacturer & Supplier”.

Called AURES Konnect, the entity supporting this project and this strategic development is responsible for interconnecting our clients’ and partners’ management and payment software platforms with all of our hardware and systems, in particular with our interactive and multifunctional kiosks (AURES Konnect supplies bricks and application solutions enabling complementary functions such as click & collect, drive, self-ordering, monitoring of computer systems, etc).

Originally a hardware manufacturer, we are now becoming a supplier of digital solutions and Middleware for points of sale.

Launched in 2018, our KIOSK activity (interactive kiosks) is being structured and continues to develop with the recruitment of new employees and the implementation of a complete and varied range of standard kiosks, accompanied by the turnkey and customised Middleware offer (ETK) that I just mentioned above.

Successfully show-cased end of September 2021 in France during our events in Lyon (SIRHA) and Paris Retail Week, the latter were the subject of many demonstrations and aroused great interest from our customers, partners – and all the visitors in general, who came in large numbers to meet us during this long-awaited return of face-to-face events.

In conclusion, we can say that for some time now, we have been seeing clear signs of a recovery in our activities; even if they do not remove all the uncertainties linked to the crisis and its complete end, we remain confident in the AURES Group’s ability to adapt permanently and to overcome with agility the constraints imposed by this very special context.

Thank you once again for your confidence,